SLO®’s Social Responsibility Department Holds Charity Bake Sale

The SABIS Student Life Organization®’s (SLO®) Social Responsibility Department at the International School of Choueifat—Suleimaniah (ISC-Sulemaniah), a SABIS® Network school, held a charity bake sale on September 16, 2015. KG through Grade 10 students were involved in this delicious activity.

This event took place to honor a friend who passed away this past summer due to cancer. The Grade 9 students decided to raise money through a bake sale and donate the proceeds to the Zhianawa Cancer Center.

Students brought cookies, cakes, brownies, custard cakes and homemade treats to SLO®. During the lunch break, the KG teachers brought their students to the bake sale, bought treats, and explained to them the purpose of the charity event. After the KG students left, everyone else was admitted to purchase the delicious treats available on that day.

“This was a great initiative for a great cause. The cakes and pastries were delicious! Thank you to all those that gave their time and energy to this cause!” an Academic Quality Controller said. In total, $2,455 was collected for charity.

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