SLO® Health Campaign Squeezes Fresh Oranges for Good Cause

In February, 2015, at the International School of Choueifat – Suleimaniah, the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) Sports and Health Department Grade 9 prefects came up with a “juicy” idea. They, along with the help of fellow students, launched a health campaign aimed at motivating the whole school to drink more fresh juice with proceeds being donated to a local children’s cancer hospital.  

Healthy Lifestyle was the theme for the month of February and students lost no time at all making people informed about living in a healthy way. “It was a great project and a new idea to have fresh juice at school,” Sara Sarwar Seligman, a Grade 7 student said. Bulletin boards displayed ideas to help students live a healthy life style, stay balanced, avoid junk food, and eat healthy snacks.


As a way of encouraging student to drink fresh juice instead of canned ones that are full of preservatives and unnatural sweeteners, Grade 9 prefects came up with the idea of juicing oranges daily. Many students and staff drank orange juice daily. “I enjoy my juice every day. I feel better for drinking fresh juice and appreciate the idea and the effort that students have put into the project,” commented Mr. Trevor Marsden, School Director.

While the demand for fresh juice has increased, the SLO® Sports and Health Department is thinking about expanding the project to include other types of fresh juice. Funds received from the juicing campaign have gone to a local children’s cancer hospital. Everyone agrees that the project was a complete success.