Kurdish Clothing Day

Kurdish Clothing Day

Thursday March 14th, ISC Suli students from Kg s to Grade 12 celebrated the Kurdish Cloth day. The Kurdish department hand in hand with the SLO team helped create a special atmosphere in our school.

Lower primary students came with outstanding colorful Kurdish traditional outfits and took joyful photos with their teachers in a pre-set Cultural booth prepared two days before where they got to see old artifacts and listen to Kurdish music.

Later Grades 2-12 came dressed with blossoming Kurdish attire for a lunch prepared and delivered by their parents where everyone had the chance to share the tasty food and dance on the beats of both old and new Kurdish songs, nevertheless some of the middle school and upper Grades put on a small play and some pleasant poetry to spice up the moment.

Laughter, singing, dancing and fun created a colorful day before our students head for their spring break.

Happy Newroz for our students, parents, and staff members. Hope you enjoy the spring break!


Welcome to visit the gallery of the event, please click here

The International School of Choueifat – Sulaimani

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