ISC-Suli Holds International Geography Fair

On June 18, 2011, Grade 5B students participated in ISC-Suleimaniah's 1st Annual International Geography Fair. Organized by the students’ English teacher, Miss Samantha Robison, the year-end event featured student exhibits displaying detailed information on numerous countries. “The students randomly selected nations spanning across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and the Middle East and then worked for months preparing informational reports and display boards,” said Miss Robison. Students also made impressive traditional costumes and collected artifacts that reflected their countries.
The International Geography Fair attracted many parents and visitors who came out to the campus to support the students and view their exhibits. The students were thrilled to show guests their work and were also delighted to see their classmates’ projects. “The guests truly enjoyed their time at the fair. I would say a favorite among the guests were the food samples as several traditional cuisines were available at each country’s stand,” commented an ISC-Suleimaniah staff member.
ISC-Suleimaniah’s International Geography Fair is one of the many events at the school. Student participation in campus activities is encouraged in schools throughout the SABIS® School Network. By fostering the exploration of a wide range of interests and promoting the development of students’ individual talents, SABIS® ensures that students acquire a broad range of skills and experiences so they can become effective and valuable team players, and strong candidates at top universities around the world.