Gr1 Parents- Kids Gathering

Gr1 Parents- Kids Gathering

Our school campus was full of life this Saturday!

The Lower School and Outreach department hosted Grade 1 parents, and students for breakfast and a fun-filled day.

Parents were greeted upon arrival, and served a delicious breakfast before the event kicked off.

Then, parents headed off to the Exam Hall for a mini orientation by our AQC, while prefects from middle and high school accompanied the kids to our state of the art playroom. Singing, laughter, dancing and role playing were heard throughout the school.

After the orientation, the parents met their kids again in our basketball court where they had the chance to experience the fun atmosphere provided by our SLO team in an interactive environment.

Finally we had to say goodbye to our lovely families, we are looking forward to welcome everyone back at ISC Suli for our next event.


Welcome to visit the gallery of the event, please click here 

The International School of Choueifat – Sulaimani

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