A SABIS® Member School Takes Action Against Bullying

In order to complement the ongoing efforts to prevent and eliminate bullying in all SABIS® member schools, students at ISC-Suleimaniah recently signed pledges to express their commitment to stand up and take action. 

The pledge campaign was the brainchild of ISC-Suleimaniah students, who wanted to show that they are against all types of bullying. The SLO® Discipline Department and the SLO® Activities Department worked together to organize an anti-bullying day which was very successful.

On Thursday, December 12, 2013, ISC-Suli students and staff came to school wearing purple – the international color of anti-bullying – to show solidarity with the cause. During the SLO® period and lunch break, students voluntarily signed a Bullying Prevention Pledge as a commitment to stand up and take action against bullying, thus encouraging positive peer pressure, and sending a message that bullying should stop.

SLO® prefects also prepared bullying stories for others to read and then write their thoughts on a display board about bullying. SLO® Management prefects will contact the students who didn’t sign the pledge and help increase their awareness of the consequences of bullying and encourage them to make a commitment.